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Treatment : Indirect Bonding
At Weintraub & Eltink Orthodontics, one of our primary goals is to design our treatment methods so that your orthodontic care is initiated, carried out and finished as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our goal is to make the most of your time during each visit, and to minimize your discomfort. One system that sets us apart from other orthodontic offices is our use of the "Indirect Bonding" method to affix braces to our patient’s teeth. As you’ll see, our extra efforts result in shorter, more pleasant orthodontic treatment for our patients.

Thirty years ago, the process of getting braces involved sitting for multiple long appointments while orthodontic rings were fitted and cemented around every tooth. The evolution of "Direct Bonding" of braces made the process of getting braces much easier, but patients were still required to sit with their mouths open in "cheek and tongue stretchers" for about 30 minutes while each brace was carefully prepared, placed and glued to the front of the tooth.

Since 2005, we have been using the "Indirect Bonding" system of affixing braces to patients’ teeth. In this system, most of the work is done before the patient comes in for their placement appointment. On a model of the patient’s teeth, we mark where all of the braces will be placed. The different heights for the braces are precisely measured. The goal is to place all braces on the teeth so that when the wires straighten out, the teeth will move into their correct positions. Since we are working with a model of the teeth, we can see all of the teeth very clearly and can ensure that the braces are placed very accurately.

The braces are precisely positioned on the patient’s models, and a clear transfer tray is then made to hold all of the braces. Orthodontic adhesive is then placed on the braces in the tray.

At the patient’s next appointment, the tray is placed in the mouth in the proper position with a brace on every tooth. So, "Indirect Bonding" of orthodontic braces (as opposed to "Direct Bonding") results in more accurate positioning of the braces and, therefore, more efficient treatment. It also makes the appointment for getting braces much easier and more comfortable for our patients as the whole process takes less than ten minutes!

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Since we began using "Indirect Bonding," we have seen a four month reduction in average treatment times. That means, on average, three less appointments, and 120 fewer days of wearing braces! Our "Indirect Bonding" method is standard procedure with all of our comprehensive orthodontic cases, and therefore no additional cost is incurred.