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About Us : Mission Statement
Weintraub and Eltink Orthodontics will enhance our patients’ self-confidence and quality of life while consistently achieving superior orthodontic treatment results. We will exceed the expectations of our patients and their families by providing exceptional orthodontic care in a welcoming and compassionate environment. Our doctors and staff will deliver professional, prompt and thorough patient care in a trustworthy and respectful manner. Our every effort will work toward the goal of establishing the confidence that everyone is well cared for.
Our logo is a creative visual representation of our vision for the practice and how we treat our patients, their families and our referring doctors. The progression of our logo from left to right suggests not only the evolution of a beautiful smile, but indicates the deeper impact that orthodontic treatment can have on a person’s life. The colors progress from darker, deeper shades to a light and friendly green, which is meant to represent the improvement in self-esteem, which we see so often in our patients. Our aim is for patients not only to appreciate their orthodontic result, but to also enjoy the process along the way. Ultimately, our logo represents our goal to make every patient, parent and referring doctor feel comfortable in the knowledge that they are well cared for any time they enter our office or recommend us to a patient, relative or friend.